"Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy,
its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery."
- Winston Churchill -


The following is my opinion based upon my observations for the past year of the actions of a few peddy,winey people.:

The unAmerican people within the Republican party

written by John42

Why are the American people so upset with the Politicians in Washington ? Just look around and listen to what is going on in the country today and you'll see EXACTLY why. Most of the Washington elite can't make up their mind if they are more afraid of losing their power over the American people or if they may do something to really help the country. Either way it scares the hell out of them.

For the past 8 years (and many more but I'll concentrate on the last 8 years ) the Republicans have been promising the voters that they would do all kinds of things to bring the country back from the Brink. They were going to cut spending ( that was 9 trillion dollars ago),stop/do away with/repeal Obamacare (yeh right ), secure the border (a couple million wetbacks/terrorists ago ), rebuild our Military ( using parts salvaged from old equiptment/ working with Gay soldiers ),bring back/create jobs (1 in 5 Americans don't have jobs today ), and win the war on terror ( now terrorists nearly control the world).

Now we have another election coming up and we have our Republican Candidate chosen, Donald Trump, and the Democrats (Liberals) have their candidate, Hillary Clinton.

I'll say one thing about Hillary, If she is elected it will throw our country completely into a third world Socialist country and noone will have the freedoms and rights we should have. We'll all be slaves to the State

Donald Trump was not my first choice, he was actually my second choice but he was the choice of a majority of the Republican voters. He is, therefore, Now my choice. We all know Trumpis not a politician, that's why he was chosen I'm sure. He doesn't talk like a politician and he doesn't think like one, and really that's what we want. He does, however have some good ideas mixed in with the not so really good ones.

Let's stop here and think back a ways. When was the last time we had a President that you agreed with everything he did ?

What Trump needs is for these unAmerican cry babies to quit ragging on him, and the news reporters (?) to stop riding his mistakes for weeks at a time, and for some real Americans to go to him and offer to help him with his timing and policies and give him good advice. If he doesn't take the advice there's nothing you can do but at least offer it. And, if Trump says a booboo, call him in private and talk to him not on National news.

If you happen to be Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio, you are both good men and proud Americans I'm sure.You ran against Trump and a lot of things were said on both sides that hurt, but can't you forget all that and work together for a better America? If the Democrats win the country is lost so why not help to make sure that doesn't happen ?

As for Mitt Romney, I don't believe he ever was a good American. I think he's selfish and has too big of an ego. When he was running Trump was great when he gave Mitt money and support but now trump's taking the limelight away from Mitt so He's everything that's wrong. Mitt, why don't you just go hide somewhere and sulk by yourself. Nobody wants to hear your bull crap anyway.

Okay, now for my thoughts of what Trump needs to do. Donald needs to give some deep thought and prayer and pick his potential cabinet right now. Ask each one if they would like the position of Sec. of ???? if he is elected and when he has his cabinet all picked tell the public who they are but also hold meetings and discuss government problems with them. He also needs to find a real good Foreign affairs coach and discuss the world affairs in the context of government . In other words he needs to be ready now so that on Jan 20 he has a full government ready to go to work, and he needs to let the people know who they are so we can judge his judgement and commitment. No one should expect him to be perfect and never make a bad call but he needs to show commitment to making America great again, like his slogan says. There are a bunch of real good Generals out there that Obama has run out of the Military that could give him some real good insights into the military both financial and militantly. In other words Create a government now knowing that you will be elected and you can benefit from the brain power you amass. The only thing that can stop a victory if you do all the right things is voter fraud , which the Democrats are famous for, and I don't know how you can stop that.

Todays opinion will be short and sweet. I won't even write it. Todays opinion comes from Judge Jeanine Pirro as her opening statement June 25th. She says it so much better than I could but every thought and feeling is also mine. I'll let her tell you :


Another Video. These videos have great messages which I believe everyone should hear and think about very hard. That's why I put them here:
If you happen to be a "never Trump" traider or know one, this last video is one you CERTAINLY should hear and really think about.
You are putting the United States into a position of Possibly another civil war. The real American people will not stand by and let our rights and freedoms be taken away by a tyrannical government. We've put up with a government more and more corrupt and uncaring and, yes traitorous, for years now, I believe we've finally reached the limit of our patience and complacency and are now ready to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.